Intro To MMA Fitness Trainer

This is Coach Kearns and welcome to the "Intro to MMA Fitness Trainer" course. 

This course includes my 3 phase ( strength and hypertrophy, explosive power and gas in the tank) formula for strength and conditioning we have used 15 UFC athletes. 

This intro course is designed to teach the initial framework for implementing these programs with your clients. 

You will acquire a working knowledge of the basics of MMA conditioning and it’s uses with individuals of all fitness levels. 

The course is designed for the seasoned coach or school owner as well as those new to the MMA conditioning field. 

(All the drills included can be adapted for other sports as well.) 

This intro course includes 3 complete protocol videos a 20-page guide and theory test.

Feel free to email me at: if you have any questions.

Coach Kearns

Whats Inside The Course

  • 1

    Strength & Hypertrophy

    • Strength and Hypertrophy

  • 2

    Explosive Power

    • Explosive Power

  • 3

    Gas In The Tank

    • Gas in Tank

  • 4

    Intro To MMA Fitness Trainer PDF

    • intro To MMA Fitness Trainer PDF

  • 5

    Intro To MMA Fitness Trainer Test

    • MMA Fitness Trainer Test

  • 6

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